Chitwan Jungle Safari

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Nepal is renowned worldwide for its breathtaking mountains, trekking opportunities, rich wildlife, vibrant vegetation, and cultural heritage. The 3-day Chitwan National Park Tour Package stands out among the diverse treks and tours in Nepal for its unique blend of wildlife exploration and cultural immersion. This experience allows you to deeply connect with nature and gain insight into life in Nepal at a specific moment.
Located in the Inner Terai Plain of south-central Nepal, Chitwan National Park spans an impressive 932 square kilometers and serves as a crucial conservation area. It is a sanctuary for various endangered flora and fauna, including one-horned rhinoceroses, crocodiles, and other wild species. A two-night, three-day visit to Chitwan offers a comprehensive experience, featuring activities such as an elephant safari, bird watching, cultural tours of the Tharu village, traditional dance performances, visits to an elephant breeding facility, jungle nature walks, and vehicle safaris. This vast wilderness provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant fauna and diverse ethnic cultures of Nepal, all within a welcoming and picturesque natural setting.
For those seeking to explore the rich cultural and natural heritage of Nepal, starting your journey in the capital city of Kathmandu is highly recommended. The Chitwan National Park Tour, also known as the Sauraha Tour Package, offers an unforgettable jungle safari experience where you may encounter tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, and other wildlife. The lush Terai jungle of Chitwan National Park offers a profound connection to nature, allowing visitors to appreciate its beauty and wisdom in a new light.
The Chitwan National Park Tour begins with a scenic flight or drive from Kathmandu or Pokhara Valley to Chitwan, setting the stage for a memorable two-night, three-day adventure. Upon arrival in Chitwan, our team will greet you, assist with check-in, and provide a brief orientation of the tour itinerary. Enjoy mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views from the banks of the Narayani River and embark on a thrilling 4 to 5-hour jeep safari for a unique perspective of the park, ideal for those who prefer not to partake in elephant safaris. A leisurely 40-minute canoe ride along the Rapti River offers a serene experience, showcasing a variety of river birds, crocodiles, and gharials basking along the riverbanks. Additionally, guests can partake in activities like elephant bathing and guided walking tours through the lush forests of Chitwan National Park, providing an enriching experience for nature.


  • Immerse yourself in nature with forest hikes, elephant safaris, and river boating.
  • Indulge in luxury and comfort at upscale hotels and resorts in the jungle.
  • Experience safari and jungle adventures at Royal Chitwan National Park, Asia’s premier national park.
  • Marvel at the rich biodiversity of the rainforest, with towering Sal and Kapok trees, grasslands, and diverse wildlife.
  • Relax in top hotels during the 3-day, 2-night Chitwan National Park tour.
  • Spot rare one-horned rhinos and endangered Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural habitat.
  • Enjoy scenic wildlife excursions with breathtaking sunrise and sunset views along the Narayani River.
  • Learn about Nepali culture, especially the Tharu civilization.
    Observe various bird species and lush greenery in the region.
Why You Should Book a 2-Night, 3-Day Tour of Chitwan National Park with Us:

Enjoy the following benefits when you book with Green Valley Nepal Trek:

  • Free pickup and drop-off at the international airport
  • A souvenir T-shirt from Green Valley Nepal Trek
  • Free storage of excess luggage at our store during your trek
  • Competitive rates for top-rated hotels
  • An English-speaking guide in Chitwan
  • Tourist bus and private vehicle services according to your itinerary
  • A variety of jungle activities included.
  • Special discounts and extra services for returning customers.
We look forward to providing you with a memorable and enjoyable tour experience at Chitwan National Park.

What to Expect on a 2-Night, 3-Day Chitwan National Park Tour?

The Chitwan National Park offers a rich jungle experience with its abundant flora and fauna, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Known for its diverse range of animals, including endangered species like one-horned rhinos and royal Bengal tigers, the park showcases Nepal’s natural beauty in all its glory. Visitors to Chitwan National Park can witness a unique blend of nature and culture, providing a different perspective compared to the typical views of the country. The tour package includes activities such as elephant back safaris, canoe rides, visits to an elephant breeding center, and bird watching, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the park’s wildlife. Accompanied by experienced naturalists, guests can embark on a jungle safari to observe exotic creatures, reptiles, and birds up close during this immersive tour of Chitwan National Park. This popular safari package caters to a wide range of visitors, including families, groups, seniors, and students, offering an unforgettable experience for all. For those seeking a brief escape from their hectic routines, the Chitwan National Park tour package is ideal, especially for wildlife photographers and individuals interested in studying endangered species. The trip promises a chance to immerse oneself in nature, surrounded by lush greenery and the melodious chirping of birds. To prepare for the adventure, it is recommended to wear neutral-colored clothing to blend in with the surroundings and protect against insects. Proper footwear, sunscreen, and sufficient water are essential for a comfortable journey through the dense forest. Additionally, dressing in layers during winter or carrying a raincoat during the monsoon ensures a pleasant experience despite changing weather conditions. Always be equipped with insect repellent and a camera with a good lens to capture memorable moments and scenic views. It is advisable to carry enough cash, as ATMs may not be readily available in the area. Lastly, follow the guidance of the knowledgeable guides for a safe and enjoyable exploration of Chitwan National Park.

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Chitwan Jungle Safari
Chitwan Jungle Safari
Chitwan Jungle Safari
Chitwan Jungle Safari
Chitwan Jungle Safari
Chitwan Jungle Safari
Chitwan Jungle Safari
Chitwan Jungle Safari

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Day 1: Arrival at the hotel you will begin your journey by driving from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Chitwan. Our hotel’s employees will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive at either Bharatpur Airport or the Sauraha bus station.
Upon arrival at the hotel, you will receive a warm welcome with complimentary beverages, and be briefed on the itinerary for your stay. You will then be escorted to your rooms, where you can relax and freshen up before embarking on your adventure.
Next, you will be led by a knowledgeable tour guide on a stroll to a typical Tharu hamlet. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the unique culture and way of life of the Tharu people, as well as their famed Mithila paintings.
After the hamlet visit, you will proceed to the Chitwan National Park tourist center, which is located on the bank of the Rapti River. Here, you can delve deeper into the park’s history, specialties, and conservation efforts. You will also have the chance to witness a breathtaking sunset, creating the perfect backdrop for some memorable photographs.
To complete your Day 1 experience, the indigenous Tharu people will provide a traditional performance for you. This show will feature unusual dances such as the peacock dance and the fire dance, as well as customary music and costumes. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the performance, making it a truly immersive cultural experience.
Finally, you will head back to your 3-star hotel in Chitwan, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and dinner before retiring for the night.
Day 2: Full-day Jungle activities in Chitwan National Park.
You will start your day with a leisurely canoe ride in the Rapti River, where you will have the opportunity to see two endangered species, the Marsh Mugger and the Gharial. These species can only be found in the northern section of the Indian Subcontinent, making it a thrilling experience for you. After the canoe ride, you will be led on a brief jungle excursion by a wildlife specialist who will educate you about the unique plants and animals that can only be found in this area.
On your way back, you can enjoy one of Chitwan’s most distinctive attractions – elephant bathing. You will be able to take a bath with the elephants and see the Mahutes, who are the elephant herders, bathe their animals in the river.
In the afternoon, you will be transported on a safari to the Chitwan National Park on the backs of magnificent Asian elephants. Along the way, you will have an excellent chance to see wild creatures like the bear, leopard, monkey, the critically endangered one-horned rhinoceros, four types of deer, many species of bird, and if you are lucky, the Royal Bengal Tiger.
You will be staying at a 3-star hotel in Chitwan and will be provided with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Day 3: Drive Back to Kathmandu or Pokhara
You have a morning opportunity to shop throughout the town as today is your departing day. You may take part in a trip to the elephant breeding facility where you can observe the lovely, tamed mother elephants forming strong bonds with the young ones. Bird-watching tours are a possible second choice. You will be driven back to the station from your hotel after a late breakfast. Here is where your Chitwan jungle safari excursion concludes.
Our team guides, porters, and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge of every location that we travel through.


Dear valued traveler,
Please be informed that the cost of the Chitwan Jungle Safari includes the following items:    
  1. Tourist Bus Ticket to Chitwan from Kathmandu or Pokhara and vice versa
  2. Three Days Full Board Jungle Safari Activities in Chitwan Countrywide Park
  3. Escorted English-speaking tour guide.
  4. All activities (Elephant safari, Bird watching, Jungle walking, jeep driving, Canoeing, Tharu cultural dance) are included as per the itinerary.
  5. 2-night accommodation with breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your tour
  6. National Park entrance and park fee
  7. Our service charges and taxes
  8. Use of Swimming Pool, Wi-Fi


 Dear valued traveler,
Please be informed that the cost of the Chitwan Jungle Safari doesn’t include the following items: –
  1. Accommodation and meals in Kathmandu or Pokhara
  2. Airfare, international flights, Nepal entry visa fee, Visa issuance is straightforward upon arrival.
  3. Alcoholic beverages, Mineral water, laundry, telephone calls, internet
  4. Tips, gifts, souvenirs.
How to Plan a 2-Night, 3-Day Trip to Chitwan National Park: The Best Time, Season and Month to Visit
When planning a trip to Chitwan, it’s important to consider the varying weather conditions in the region. To ensure a pleasant and memorable vacation, it is recommended to visit Chitwan National Park during the months of September, October, April, and May, depending on your tolerance for the hot and humid climate.
The best time to visit Chitwan falls between late September and early May, as this period generally avoids heavy rainfall. If you prefer cooler temperatures, consider traveling between October and March. For those accustomed to heat, April and May are also suitable months to explore Chitwan, although temperatures can reach up to 40°C during this time. Winter months like November, December, and January offer a unique experience in Chitwan, with the possibility of fog affecting visibility. It is worth noting that pollution from various sources can mix with fog, potentially impacting the overall enjoyment of your trip.
How to Find Accommodation and Meals for a Three-Day Trip to Chitwan National Park
During your two-night stay in Chitwan National Park, you will have the chance to enjoy luxurious accommodations and dine on a variety of meals. The hotels offer delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. When visiting Tharu village, you can savor authentic and flavorful Tharu cuisine. If you have a passion for food and enjoy meat dishes, be sure to try “Ghongi,” a unique and popular local dish. Hotel reservations will be arranged by the travel agency, ensuring top-notch service quality. Your stay promises to be delightful and memorable, as we only select the finest hotels for our guests.
A Two-Night and Three-Day Tour of Chitwan National Park – How Challenging Is It?
Exploring Chitwan National Park does not require fast-paced walking like trekking. You do not need to be an experienced hiker to join the tour. Most of the travel within the park will be by vehicle, so fatigue from walking is unlikely. Families, including children and elderly members, are welcome to participate in this tour. Visitors of all ages can enjoy this beginner-level excursion, which can be completed successfully by anyone. The main challenges may arise from environmental and weather conditions, so being prepared in advance is essential. The tour is designed to be short and easy, offering a pleasant experience for all participants.
Obtaining travel insurance for a 3-day visit to Chitwan National Park is optional. It is not mandatory for this tour, as there are no significant risks involved compared to mountain treks. While exploring the jungle, encounters with various wildlife are expected, and accidents could potentially happen in extreme cases. To be on the safe side, travelers may choose to purchase insurance coverage, although incidents of this nature have been rare in the past and are not anticipated in the future.
  • Lightweight, layered clothing (long sleeves and pants for insect protection)
  • Sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen
  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots.
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Medications and any required medical supplies
  • Water bottle and purification tablets (if needed)
  • Camera and spare batteries
  • Binoculars for wildlife viewing
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Cash or credit card for additional expenses.
  • Check the weather forecast and park regulations for specific packing guidelines.
Thank you for considering Deepak Adventure Travel & Tours for your Chitwan Jungle safari. We trust that your experience will be unforgettable, and we wish you a safe and pleasant journey ahead. Namaste.